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Dr. Jolee J. Brunton: Dr Brunton is the chief psychologist for Focus Psychological Services, which she founded in 1984 to provide clinical services to first-responders in the San Diego area. She is the chief psychologist for San Diego Police and Fire-Rescue Departments. For more than 30 years, Dr. Brunton has counseled hundreds firefighters, police, paramedics, EMTs, and civilian public safety employees and their families. In addition, she provides consultation and training on issues such as critical incident stress management, PTSD, workplace violence prevention, organizational consultation, and conflict management. Dr. Brunton has over 20 years of experience in the assessment, management, and treatment of acute psychiatric patients including those at risk for violence as the clinical supervisor for inpatient psychiatric centers. Dr. Brunton has been an invited participant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's symposia on police psychology and is certified in hostage negotiation through the Administration of Justice, California State University, San Jose. She has extensive experience in workplace crisis and trauma intervention, and alternate dispute resolution. .

Lisa Bertelle, MFT: Lisa has been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist for over a decade. She has been working with FOCUS since 2010. Her previous clinical experiences include working with children, adolescence, and adults in individual, group, and family settings. In addition, she provides couples counseling. She is experienced in working with severely mentally disabled populations and currently runs a crisis residential facility in San Diego. She has extensive experience with crisis intervention and in community mental health agencies as well as with San Diego Police Department, PERT, Juvenile Detention Facilities, and Optum Health. Lisa’s specialties include assessment and treatment of long-standing personality and relationship disorders that often contribute to and exacerbate current problems. She also specializes in issues of grief and bereavement, depression, anxiety, adjustment related symptoms, and behavioral issues by using a cognitive behavioral and solution focused approach with her clients.

Mark W. Marvin, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, has had extensive experience providing psychological services to various public safety agencies (law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical, and dispatch) since 1988.

Following are some of Dr. Marvin's law enforcement experiences: With Focus Psychological Services, Dr. Marvin has been a psychologist to the San Diego Police Department since 1990. Dr. Marvin has provided counseling services (to employees and their dependents); ENT consultation and training; supervisor and officer training; line-up psychological briefings; organizational interventions; and post-trauma interventions. He has advanced certification in EMDR. Dr. Marvin has been the main service provider to the Escondido Police Department, responding to critical incidents and providing consultation to their Peer Support program.

Dr. Marvin has over 20-years of clinical service with the EAP of Customs and Border Protection -- U.S. Department of Homeland Security. To better comprehend the unique demands of the Border Patrol, Dr. Marvin logged hundreds of hours in the field accompanying agents pursuing smugglers. Dr. Marvin’s services have involved training development and presentation; post-trauma intervention; consultation and training to the National Critical Incident Response Team; death notification; management consultation; and counseling (to employees and family members) services. Dr. Marvin has attended Law Enforcement Memorial Week (Washington, D.C.) per the request of the United States Border Patrol, to personally assist family survivors of line-of-duty deaths, support personnel, and the Honor Guard. Dr. Marvin is credited as a co-developer of the Border Patrol’s Peer Support Program. He has had extensive involvement with Peer Support operations in San Diego, El Centro, and Yuma Sectors.

Dr. Marvin has been an EAP Area Clinician to the Drug Enforcement Administration -- U.S. Department of Justice since 2008. His services have included training, management consultation, post-trauma interventions, and counseling to agents and their dependents.

Dr. Marvin also has thirty years of experience as a clinician, consultant, and Chief Psychologist with Community Research Foundation, providing services to persons having severe mental illness. Dr. Marvin was named Director of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team - PERT in 2015. PERT teams (comprised of specially trained officers or deputies paired with mental health professionals who respond together on-scene to situations involving people with mental illness.) represent a partnership between San Diego County Police and Sheriff Departments and San Diego County Mental Health.

Dr. Lourdes Perez-Williams: has worked with SDPD officers, their families and children since 1990. In 1982 she received her master's degree in Psychology in 1982, and in 1985, her Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego Campus. She is licensed Clinical Psychologist (1990) and also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (1985). As a Child Psychologist she provides treatment for early childhood and latency age children ages 2-12. Treatment interventions include individual, play, and family therapy. Areas of specialty encompass children struggling with divorce, blended family issues, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral difficulties and the grieving process surrounding the loss of a family member. Dr. Perez-Williams conducts thorough developmental assessment of a child's social, emotional and cognitive functioning within the home as well as school environment. She performs behavioral observations of the child within the classroom setting and during socialization with peer and siblings. Information gathered is used to create a comprehensive treatment plan to address the child's behavioral and learning needs. Upon request by the child's family Dr. Perez-Williams attends Individual Education Plan Meetings and provides school staff with an expert opinion to foster the child's strengths and promote optimal school performance. She assists the school in developing an effective behavioral management program, addressing the child's conduct in class. Essential to her work with children is the parenting process. Dr Perez-Williams is an expert in Parent Education. Parents and other caregivers (Grandparents, extended family members) are specifically trained in normal child development, skills and techniques of effective parenting. She teaches parents about childhood disorders, and how to utilize community and educational resources to augment treatment success for the child. Her extensive network of child psychologist and psychiatrists, school resources have proved invaluable to police families whose children require specialized assessment and/or treatment. It is no exaggeration to say that her kindness, empathy, and supportive intervention endear her to the families she assists. It is not unusual for Dr. Perez Williams to receive letters, phone calls and visits from “her kids” years after therapy is complete. As testimony to her skills as a child and family psychologist many new clients ask for her by name, referred by families she's treated.
Services provided: Child counseling; family counseling; parenting skills training; critical incident interventions for family members.

Mark E. Foreman, Psy.D.: (PSB94020094 - is a registered Psychological Assistant under the supervision of Chief Psychologist, Dr. Jolee Brunton. Dr. Foreman began working as a therapist at Focus Psychological Services since 2013. Prior to attending graduate school, Dr. Foreman retired from SDPD in 2007, after a 28 year law enforcement career. He conducts individual adult and adolescent, couples, family, and group therapy in areas including trauma, grief and bereavement, anxiety, alcohol and substance addiction, and depression. Dr. Foreman’s therapeutic approach integrates contemporary psychodynamic theories, cognitive-behavioral, family systems, mindfulness therapy. Dr. Foreman is an EMDR certified therapist. Dr. Foreman also has experience with Smart Recovery & the 12 Steps Program in addressing substance abuse. He provides training and consultation to first-responder and public safety agencies as requested. He conducts training relating to Police Officer and Employee Wellness, and Peer Support. Dr. Foreman facilitates critical incident stress debriefings/defusing. He is also an adjunct professor at Alliant International University. Dr. Foreman has undergone training as a teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through UCSD Center for Mindfulness.

Jescelle Tiongco, Psy.D.: Dr. Tiongco. is a registered psychological assistant, PSB94021755, under the supervision of Dr. Jolee Brunton. Her clinical experiences include individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, and psychological assessments. She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Dr. Tiongco values the importance of cultural competency and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her experience also includes providing individual and group therapy to the LGBTQ community. Dr. Tiongco’s therapeutic approaches includes integrating mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, supportive, person-centered, art, and music therapy.

Jeffery E. Oostyen, Psy.D., is a California Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY26998) holding a doctorate degree from Alliant International University/California School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on child, family and relationship therapy. Dr. Oostyen received his bachelor’s degree from Weber State University where he graduated with Honors and was a member of the Psy Chi National Honor Society. He also earned a master’s degree from Pepperdine University where he graduated with a perfect GPA and was a member of the student council. Dr. Oostyen has been with Focus Psychological Services (FSP) for 12 years, beginning as an intern and later as an employee. He conducts individual adult, adolescent, child, marriage/couples, family, and group therapy in areas including depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, alcohol and substance addiction (including 12 step), couples’ relationship and parent child relationship issues. Dr. Oostyen’s therapeutic approach employs an eclectic style pulling from multiple therapeutic theories. He conducts training relating to Police Officer and Employee Wellness, Peer Support, as well as Officer Involved Shootings and suicide. Dr. Oostyen provides 24-hour Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD) to contract and non-contract departments, is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy and holds a certificate in Hostage Negotiation from the FBI. Jeff has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and other individuals with Autism; has been a semi-annual guest speaker at Palomar College’s Emergency Medical Department; and a program supervisor for the STAR program. In addition to working for FPS Dr. Oostyen works for The Counseling Team International (TCTI) where he provides marriage, family, child and individual therapy to multiple governmental agencies, city personnel and their families, assists the training department as an instructor on various topics and responds to critical incidents. He serves clients from TCTI’s southern regions and agencies, working out of the San Diego Mission Valley office. In 2014, Dr. Oostyen began working for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) as a Correctional Psychologist where he is on the CDCR Peer Support Team. At CDCR Dr. Oostyen works closely with a caseload of psychiatric inmates, as well as, performing Mental Health Evaluations and taking on-call assignments for psychiatric emergencies.

David Bond, Psy.D.: ( PSB94022775) is a registered psychological assistant under the supervision of Dr. Jolee Brunton. He began working for Focus Psychological Services in 2016. His clinical experience includes working at the San Diego Psychiatric Hospital and CRF Vista Balboa group home facility. Additionally, he counseled military combat veterans at the San Diego Vet Center before coming to Focus. Prior to his clinical work, David was a sworn police officer for over 27 years and involved with his department’s peer support team. He is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). He was on the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) board for four years and currently is a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board at the Joan Kroc facility in San Diego. He is a member of the San Diego chapter of the Association for Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and serves as an in-service law enforcement trainer for PERT. David is committed to assisting emergency services personnel and their families with their psychological needs.

Briana Brasel, LMFT, MS: is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. After graduating with her master's in MFT from San Diego State University, Briana began as a therapist working for San Diego county providing therapeutic services for children/families, and later working for Aurora Behavioral Health Care conducting psychiatric assessments for inpatient care. She also has experience in a residential setting treating dual diagnosis and addiction. Prior to practicing therapy, Briana served in law enforcement as a 911/Police Dispatcher for ten years. Briana operates from a Narrative Therapy perspective utilizing treatment frameworks from both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Her systemic training has helped her develop a working knowledge of the dynamic effects of trauma, stress/anxiety, depression, and repairing relationships.

Marley Lieberman, MFTI : is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern IMF 89757 supervised by Focus’s chief psychologist Dr. Jolee Brunton. She graduated from Alliant International University, San Diego’s Couple and Family Therapy program in 2015, and is the most recent addition to the Focus staff. Prior to Focus, she worked in community mental health with an emphasis on challenges faced by young adults. She has experience providing individual, couples, and family therapy utilizing treatment frameworks from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Using this theoretical framework, she has assisted clients in changing their relationship with difficult thoughts and feelings in order to make life choices congruent with their values. She has provided counseling services to clients struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, relationship issues, chronic pain, and identity issues.

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