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Accessing Services & Scheduling

Any person eligible for services may contact Focus Psychological Services directly. There is no need for referral through the Department. Dependents of employees may contact Focus Psychological Services directly, and do not need to go through the family member employed by the Department. To arrange an appointment or get more information call:

Focus Psychological Services
(858) 565-0066

Callers telephoning into Focus Psychological Services will be greeted by an automated messaging system. Callers with urgent messages should select option 0.


Focus therapists schedule appointments with client confidentiality in mind. We suggest and request that clients not arrive more than 10 minutes before their appointment unless instructed to do so by the therapist. We cannot guarantee that clients will not see someone they know in the parking lot or the waiting room. If this is of concern to you, please inform your counselor and alternative arrangements may be discussed.


Appointments are usually made for 50-minute sessions and your time is reserved for you. In a sense, the arrangement is for you to have exclusive use of the professional’s time for your scheduled appointment. Therefore, we would appreciate as much advance notice of cancellations as possible. This will enable us to accommodate others who are waiting for appointments. We recognize that there are circumstances that are unavoidable. If you must cancel, we will attempt to reschedule an appointment for you within a few days. However, you must realize that our schedules are usually quite full, and missed appointment could result in a wait of a week or more.

There may also be times when we must cancel an appointment to respond to an emergency. We will reschedule with you as soon as possible.

Worker’s Compensation Evaluations:

Workers Compensation evaluations are not included in the scope of our services. If you are seeking documentation for a claim, please contact your City’s Risk Management Compensation Division for a referral to a specialist in this area.

schedule a session

To schedule a session please call our office at (858) 565-0066 or fill out the form below and we will contact you about session availability.