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EMDR Treatment for 1st Responder Trauma

EMDR has become a recognized treatment for healing through trauma exposure. It is often requested by people working within public safety. First responders are exposed to events that over the course of time can have an adverse impact on the individual — affecting interpersonal relationships, work performance, and individual well being. These effects are often referred to as trauma or PTSD. Click thru READ MORE to hear about PTSD.

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As humans, we have a deeply rooted needs for connection to others. Starting from the time we are born, we enter, exit, exchange, transform and discard relationships throughout the duration of our lives. The need for connection fuels and influences our friendships, our social groups and networks, our political leanings, our interactions with peers at work and with bosses, and yes, those we love and hope will love us. Yet even with the frequency of our changing relationships, we sometimes encounter some that are problematic. We find we cannot stay on a "committed" relationship. Or we find ourselves stuck in a bad relationship with no apparent exit. This post will offer short videos various views to relationships and their challenges. (Click thru Read More below to see more videos.)

WATCH: Why We Pick Difficult Partners and other topics

Navigating Hard Emotions

Several times a week we hear people state they just want to be "Happy". In the present moment, they are not feeling well. Maybe they are feeling depressed; Experiencing anger outbursts; Maybe they are experiencing anxiety. Emotion experience can be hard. By recognizing and changing how one navigates hard emotions can lead to an overall sense of Happiness and Joy. (Click thru ReadMore below to view videos.)

Threat and Reward - Jonathan Jordan Whiteboard Animation


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