Mark W. Marvin, Ph.D.
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Mark W. Marvin, Ph.D.

Mark W. Marvin, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, has had extensive experience providing psychological services to various public safety agencies (law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical, and dispatch) since 1988.

Following are some of Dr. Marvin's law enforcement experiences: With Focus Psychological Services, Dr. Marvin has been a psychologist to the San Diego Police Department since 1990. Dr. Marvin has provided counseling services (to employees and their dependents); ENT consultation and training; supervisor and officer training; line-up psychological briefings; organizational interventions; and post-trauma interventions. He has advanced certification in EMDR. Dr. Marvin has been the main service provider to the Escondido Police Department, responding to critical incidents and providing consultation to their Peer Support program.

Dr. Marvin has over 20-years of clinical service with the EAP of Customs and Border Protection -- U.S. Department of Homeland Security. To better comprehend the unique demands of the Border Patrol, Dr. Marvin logged hundreds of hours in the field accompanying agents pursuing smugglers. Dr. Marvin’s services have involved training development and presentation; post-trauma intervention; consultation and training to the National Critical Incident Response Team; death notification; management consultation; and counseling (to employees and family members) services. Dr. Marvin has attended Law Enforcement Memorial Week (Washington, D.C.) per the request of the United States Border Patrol, to personally assist family survivors of line-of-duty deaths, support personnel, and the Honor Guard. Dr. Marvin is credited as a co-developer of the Border Patrol’s Peer Support Program. He has had extensive involvement with Peer Support operations in San Diego, El Centro, and Yuma Sectors.

Dr. Marvin has been an EAP Area Clinician to the Drug Enforcement Administration -- U.S. Department of Justice since 2008. His services have included training, management consultation, post-trauma interventions, and counseling to agents and their dependents.

Dr. Marvin also has thirty years of experience as a clinician, consultant, and Chief Psychologist with Community Research Foundation, providing services to persons having severe mental illness. Dr. Marvin was named Director of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team - PERT in 2015. PERT teams (comprised of specially trained officers or deputies paired with mental health professionals who respond together on-scene to situations involving people with mental illness.) represent a partnership between San Diego County Police and Sheriff Departments and San Diego County Mental Health.

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