Dr. Lourdes Perez-Williams, Ph.D
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Dr. Lourdes Perez-Williams, Ph.D

Dr. Lourdes Perez-Williams: Lourdes is NOT accepting new patients. Lourdes has worked with SDPD officers, their families and children since 1990. In 1982 she received her master's degree in Psychology in 1982, and in 1985, her Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego Campus. She is licensed Clinical Psychologist (1990) and also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (1985). As a Child Psychologist she provides treatment for early childhood and latency age children ages 2-12. Treatment interventions include individual, play, and family therapy. Areas of specialty encompass children struggling with divorce, blended family issues, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral difficulties and the grieving process surrounding the loss of a family member. Dr. Perez-Williams conducts thorough developmental assessment of a child's social, emotional and cognitive functioning within the home as well as school environment. She performs behavioral observations of the child within the classroom setting and during socialization with peer and siblings. Information gathered is used to create a comprehensive treatment plan to address the child's behavioral and learning needs. Upon request by the child's family Dr. Perez-Williams attends Individual Education Plan Meetings and provides school staff with an expert opinion to foster the child's strengths and promote optimal school performance. She assists the school in developing an effective behavioral management program, addressing the child's conduct in class. Essential to her work with children is the parenting process. Dr Perez-Williams is an expert in Parent Education. Parents and other caregivers (Grandparents, extended family members) are specifically trained in normal child development, skills and techniques of effective parenting. She teaches parents about childhood disorders, and how to utilize community and educational resources to augment treatment success for the child. Her extensive network of child psychologist and psychiatrists, school resources have proved invaluable to police families whose children require specialized assessment and/or treatment. It is no exaggeration to say that her kindness, empathy, and supportive intervention endear her to the families she assists. It is not unusual for Dr. Perez Williams to receive letters, phone calls and visits from “her kids” years after therapy is complete. As testimony to her skills as a child and family psychologist many new clients ask for her by name, referred by families she's treated.
Services provided: Child counseling; family counseling; parenting skills training; critical incident interventions for family members.

Lourdes does not provide individual adult or couples counseling.

Lourdes is not accepting new patients. To leave a voice message for Dr Perez-Williams directly, dial: 619-550-5769


444 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 215
San Diego, CA 92108


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