Present Moment Acceptance

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During moments of upset, difficulty or challenge or at any time,

Sense and feel what is present in the body,

An invitation to place a one or both hands on the chest, over the heart while releasing a deep sigh

Reciting these words to yourself:

Naming the emotion – words like sadness, anxiety, Joy, anger, frustration, fear, excitement etc.  If no name arises, maybe simply saying, 

“This is difficult.”  

“This is hard.”

“This is challenging.”

“For whatever I am experiencing, this is part of being human.  I am human. Others experience this also. I am not alone.”

“May I allow this it be on my heart with Love and Kindness!”

“with an openness and curiosity”

“and, a willingness to be with what is!”

If you notice resistance showing up, naming that also and welcoming it.

This is resistance, This also is part of being human. I am human.

May I allow this to be present also with an openness and curiosity and willingness to be with what is?!”

and Breathe.

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Present Moment Acceptance

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